Thursday, January 24, 2008

Church Banners

Over the years, I have made a series of banners for my local church. Our previous banners were made of felt and didn't seem to hold up over the years . Instead, I made the banners in more of a quilt-type style so that they could be stored easier.

Here are some of the results.......

I made these two banners with a stained glass window in mind.

They were made with strip piecing on paper, and are not quilted

The only problem I had was working with the bias and making
them hang flat!! The tops were attached to a heavier upholstery fabric to try to solve this problem.

I made a double of this one and they hang on each side of the stage.
It was based on a quilt in the book "Quilts From Europe" by Gul Laporte

I used a number of poly-cotton fabrics as the colors were more intense than the 100% cottons.

The back is simply a piece of cotton fabric and there is no quilting

These three banners are spread behind the stage.

The background is an upholstery fabric with the design fused on to it. The appliques are attached with monofilament thread.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Specialty Photo Quilts

I became very interested in using photos in quilts and came up with these
three possibilities.....

"Eye-Full" Perspective"

We spent a wonderful July morning at the Eiffel tower, taking loads of photos from the top. Afterwards, we sat on the grass and enjoyed looking up at the tower

Once home my husband put these photos onto his computer as a screen saver. I devised the idea for this quilt as I watched the photos scroll past.

The Eiffel and photos are printed, but the lower part of the quilt is made using machine "Air Applique".

The girl is daughter, Jenny, and I am particularly happy with how her hair turned out!!!

"No Barriers"

Jenny had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in Australia as a part of "May-mester" at the University of Georgia. She brought back numerous photos from their time underwater on the great barrier reef.

This small quilt is a fun mix of photos, fabric and machine thread painting.

"When Hobbies Collide"

I made this quilt when I was preparing for a talk about using photos in quilts. I wanted an excuse to print lots of photos using "Bubble Jet Set" and my inkjet printer.

The photos are of flowers from my garden.

Photo Quilts

When I got ready to make a quilt for my son Brian, I knew that I wanted to use photos. This is the resulting quilt......

Then when my daughter, Jenny, graduated from High School she wanted to know what I was going to give her 4 best friends After much thought, I decided to make quilts for them using photos of the girls from their years together. I wanted to make the quilts similar, but each with a different design. Here is the result......

I then made a similar one for my daughter.....

Finally, I have made several others in a similar vein......

Quilts from 2006

Here are some of the quilts that I made during 2006..........

This small quilt was made as a Christmas present for Michael's
Brother and Sister-in-Law. It was a re-make of a quilt made many years ago.

This small quilt was made for Michael's Sister and Brother-in-Law.

This quilt was a present for Danny and Ruth Eves, friends from Australia. Every year on December 26th, they attend the start of the "Sydney/Hobart" yacht race, and this piece reminded me of that event.

"Orange You Glad She's Wearing A Mask?"

Our guild held a challenge in June of 2006, entitled "Orange You Glad It's Not Pink". The rules were that the piece had to be predominantly orange and had to be twice as long as it was wide.

I began this piece by using Colorsticks and rubbing plates to create the square images. The idea for the mask just appeared when I was arranging the blocks to try to make it fit the size requirement.

This quilt was awarded a First Place ribbon in the "Orange Challenge" category at the Cotton Patch Quilter's 2007 show.

Monthly Door Prize Quilts

In 2005/06, I was the Door Prize Committee chairman for my local quilt guild (Cotton Patch Quilters). I decided that I would provide a small quilt each month that could be raffled. These are the quilts made for each month........

This was the quilt for January. It was based on a larger wall hanging that
I made for my house.

February gave me a chance to try some machine trapunto.

These blocks reminded me of shamrocks, making it a great quilt for March.
The pattern came from the book "More Nickel Quilts".

I wanted to try this stained glass technique using "lead line".
This product is much like nylon cord and it works great in
place of bias tape. The pattern is from "Art Glass Quilts"

In May, I used unfinished edge applique to create this scene.

This quilt came from the book that I also added to the door
prize raffle. I told the woman that won that she should
keep it quilt safe as it had some handwork on it

July needed stars and pinwheels!!!!

I had a pair of flamingos that were part of the door prize, so a
flamingo quilt had to be included also.

This was a design from the book "Square Dance". Unfortunately, I did
something wrong somewhere in the process so it looks a bit
different than was planned, but still turned out ok.

October was "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, so this quilt was
made from a pattern in the book, "Pink Ribbon Quilts"

The interior quilting design was taken from a piece of fabric that was
used for the backing of the quilt. The border came
from the book "Borders, Bindings & Edgings"

I was desperate for an idea for the December block and fast running out
of time....then I remembered this piece that I had started years
before and hadn't finished, so I pulled it out and quickly finished
the project.

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