Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bits and pieces

First of all, here is a better photo of the charity quilt that I put together last week. There are still a few lighting issues in the photo, but you can certainly get a better idea of the pattern. The group picked out a backing fabric and it is now off to Ellen who will Long-Arm quilt it for us. We have decided to use a bunch of the dark fabrics in the binding and will cut those strips next week.

Secondly, this is a quilt made by one of the Charity Bee members. Ginny came to the meeting back in the summer and said that she REALLY wanted to make a quilt to go into our guild show in March. She had this wonderful kit, with really bad directions, so the group has helped her to figure out the instructions and get this quilt done. She finished piecing it before Thanksgiving and finished the quilting over the Christmas break. We are all SO proud of what she has accomplished......way to go Ginny!!!!!

Finally, another of our members, Gretchen had heard that I purchased a Needle Felting machine and had mentioned that she had some "scraps" of wool felt if I was interested in them. I was expecting to receive a handful of stuff, but was amazed when she showed up yesterday with this huge bag of wonderful wool, and a small bag of wool ties for me to experiment with.

I CANT WAIT to get back to the felting machine!!!

But, first I need to finish the collaborative flower quilt . I have finished all of the "in-the-ditch" work and am now working on the half octagons on the sides. I have finally found a design that I am happy with and it is quickly coming together. I have been debating about what else to do in the flower blocks, and every one at the bee thinks that I should echo quilt the octagon shape. I think that is a great idea except I am not too sure about free motion stitching STRAIGHT lines....I will try it on a block first and see how it goes.

Well, back to tax work!!!


Ashley Holden said...

This is Ashley, Martha Gillilan's daughter(from Abilene). I heard Aunt Lois(I guess you don't call her "Aunt" Lois, duh!) say once that you do your finishing by machine. Do you really do that on full size quilts? I think that sounds easier, but the only finishing quilting I've done on a machine were on baby quilts, so it was really easy to do on the small sewing machines.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley. Send me an email so that I can email you back.



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