Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another top finished

I spent yesterday and this afternoon working on the quilt that I mentioned in the last post and am very pleased with the result. Since we have recently purchased a queen size mattress and the only quilts that I have are for a full size, I think that I will use it on our bed.

The next step is to get the backing fabric ready to go so that I can baste it. Since I dont have tons of really big pieces of fabric, I think that I am going to try a tip that I learned at and cut the backing fabrics into 10.5 inch squares and piece the back from a lot of different fabrics.

I am VERY excited that I have used my stash and my scrap basket to make both of the last two quilts!!!

Well, so much for a weekend of quilting it is back to my desk and computer. I know that I will be through soon, but right now I feel like I am trying to empty a big barrel that keeps filling from the bottom!!!!


maggi said...

this quilt looks great. Even better that you didn't have to spend anything extra on it.

Anita said...

Wonderful pattern. Love the blues and your firm resolve to use you stash.

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