Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BQL for June

As I have mentioned before, I am a member of the "British Quilt List" monthly challenge and yesterday was the due date for the June quilt. As soon as I finished the rust piece, I immediately started working on this one and fortunately it didn't take very long to make. The list moderator, Kandy Newton has once again done a wonderful job of designing a quilt that helps us to try different techniques.....this time it was tucks.

She gave two great pieces of advice. The first was to use high contrast fabrics and the second was to starch the fabrics before we started cutting!!!

I cant wait to see the next installment.


Anita said...

I like the look of this piece. Are the tuck fabrics sewn together or fused? Your color choices are perfect.

Frances Arnold said...

The strips are sewn together. This was so easy to do and only took about an hour.

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