Monday, February 15, 2010

Engage the Calikulus

My husband and I are great fans of “The Big Bang Theory”, a sitcom about 4 super smart nerds and one “normal” girl.

Have a quick watch and see if you can figure out what Sheldon is doing? (Sorry you have to watch the ad first)

I knew IMMEDIATELY as it is a technique that I have used for many years.  When I am stuck on something quilt related, I will leave the room and then quickly move into the room, throw on the light and take a fast glancing look at the  piece on the far wall.    It is amazing how many times I can immediately see which of the fabrics are out of place or which fabrics I should use for borders.

Anyway…..does this make me a geek….I certainly hope so!!!!  And I hope that it works for you too!!!


maggi said...

Can't watch the clip I'm afraid - not available for my region was the message. Good tip though, geeky or not, I haven't tried that one before but I will

Kay said...

I'll try that! Wish I'd had it for my last project...

That's an interesting Valentine's quilt below. Your mom had style for sure.

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