Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And again…..

I am beginning to feel a bit like a player on Sesame Street…..

……And now there are FIVE….count them with me…..one…two…three…four….FIVE!!!



We have decided that they are a pair of House Finches.  This morning, I searched the internet looking for information on how long the eggs take to hatch and then how much longer to fledge.  In searching I found this wonderful site.  This gentleman has taken bird watching to a whole new level, installing a web cam and stop action camera to keep track of his door wreath bird’s nest.  Have a look at it to see some WONDERFUL photos…….

In addition to this nest watching, I am also doing a bit of quilting and hopefully will have something to display soon.


Bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


maggi said...

What an amazing link. My cat tried to get into the computer when he hard and saw one of the videos. Aren't the newly hatched chicks so funny?

Frances Arnold said...

I know....my husband and I spent a long time looking at the site. This guy was REALLY into the technology side of things!!!!

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