Friday, November 12, 2010

Kicking up your quilt to the next level

On Tuesday night I attended my local guild meeting where one of my best friends was the speaker.

IMG_0053  Deb presented a wonderful talk about ways to kick your quilt up to the next level.

Her excellent points were…..

  -  Audition your fabrics before you start

  -  Feature an on-point design

  -  Think outside the box for your borders

  -  Change up your blocks so that they are not all the same

  -  Use negative space effectively

  -  Use large scale prints

  -  Choose a fun binding

All great things to put into play in my next quilt!!!!


I am always amazed by the creativity of quilters and it came into play with the refreshments.  Linda made these oh-so-cute turkeys for us to enjoy……


They were the talk of the night!!!!

Thanks Ladies for inspiring me once again!!!!


Anita said...

I really enjoyed Deb's lecture and I learned so much.

Anonymous said...

great tips, thanks for sharing them. The turkeys are cute, what were they made from -sweet or savoury?

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