Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I’m in the Garden of Beading!!!

A couple of months ago I wrote about hearing a talk by Mary Stori and how I was encouraged by her use of beads.

Well, the very next day, I hit Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and found that their beads were on sale!!!!   I picked up a few small tubes at HL…….


but hit the Mother-Lode in Michaels…..


This wonderful caddy held THIRTY different colors of seed beads as well as other larger beads.

I could just see me opening these caddies and dumping all of the beads out so I moved them into individual small bags.  Pretty cool, huh…….


So the next questions was “what was I going to bead"?……

Well, it’s a surprise so I cant tell you!!!!

But, here is a sneak preview of my current project………………..


I am SO excited about how it is looking……stay tuned!!!!


Sarah Hubbard said...

I LOVE it! And SCORE on building the bead stash!

Joyce said...

I have a huge stash of thrift store beads. Now I need to find the inspiration. Maybe on your blog?..

Anita said...

Your piece is beautiful, Frances! Love those beads.

maggi said...

That looks like a very interesting project.

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