Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quilt From a Friend….


Two years ago my friend, Pat Kools, passed away.  Since Pat was so active in the Charity work of our guild, her children decided to give us a bunch of her quilts that we could either use as charity quilts or sell and put the money towards the charity projects.

I was fortunate to purchase one at our last quilt show…..


This simple little piece is hand appliqued and hand quilted,  but there is very little quilting on it.

My original thought was to add a lot of quilting in the background, but as I hung it up to photograph I realized that it hadn’t been basted well enough and that it would never hang flat.

SO….now I am thinking about taking out all of the quilting, re-baste it and start over with hand quilting and possibly add some beads as well.

We are spending 5 weeks in China later this year and I believe that it will be the piece that I take with me. 

I am looking forward to working on this piece and will enjoy fond memories of my friend!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magazine Clean-out

After the Fiber Frenzy meeting that I talked about in the last post, I started thinking about my quilting “voice”.  I believe that I have developed two different, but harmonious voices with my quilting.

Firstly I LOVE scrap quilts, particularly the piecing of them.  I love the way that you can select a pattern and fabrics and then simply sew….sew….sew.   No thinking, no planning, just putting pieces together and sewing!!!

Now, the second part of my quilting voice cannot just sew and sew….it needs lots of thinking, planning and experimentation.  The quilts found in this voice are often based on photographs.  This is the voice that I want to work on and try to improve!!!

In thinking about  all of this, I realized that the shelves of my bookcase do not reflect the importance of the artistic side of my quilting.   I had tons of old magazines, mostly “Quilter’s Newsletter” and “Miniature Quilts” dating back to the 1980’s.  As I started looking thru these, I realized that there were very few ideas that I would ever use anymore. 

SO… I flipped thru them, I tore out the page or two that still appealed to me….mostly scrap patterns. 


'Then I bundled up the magazines in groups of 25-35 and put them away to be taken to the “Yard Sale” of the Lake Oconee Quilter’s Group.

_3161981 …..there are about 250 magazines here!!!!

So, now there is plenty of room for my “Quilting Arts” and “American Quilter” magazines, along with a whole shelf that can be devoted to my recent art quilt book purchases!!!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Journal Fever

I have recently joined a newly formed group called “Fiber Frenzy”.  Our idea is to have a limited number of members and to focus on the more artsy side of quilting.  The first two meetings were in the weeks leading up to the Quilt Show so I couldn’t attend, but I truly enjoyed the last meeting. 


We were a small group this time….only 6 of us and the topic was “Journaling”.  Deb H. directed our discussion and brought some wonderful points to the table.  Here is the synopsis of her thoughts…..

Determine what you want to use your “journal” for.

Examples:  writing in order to process who you are as an artist /quilter;  writing to work out ideas;  keeping track of quilts in process (also known as UFO’s);  drawing out ideas; project planning such as drafts plus fabric swatches plus;  doodling (good for future quilting designs and for getting the creative juices flowing), etc.; tracking teaching specifics if you are going to use a project to teach from.

Determine what kind of “journal” suits you.

Examples:  pieces of paper stapled together, fancy “store bought” journals; sketch books from art supply places; cute little notebooks to carry with you to capture thoughts on the run; steno pads; inexpensive composition notebooks.

The presentation led to an interesting conversation about our preferred processes for our creative work.  Some like the idea of using a written journal to process their ideas and/or specific creative projects.  Some liked using something less formal such as a sketch book or loose paper.  Some said “don’t write, just do”.  Some like using words to think thru a subject or an idea and some disliked “involving” words at all.

Interestingly, many were “afraid” of fancy journals as they did not want to “dirty up” the pages of something fancy and or expensive .  There was a hesitation to put down on paper in a fancy journal ideas that are only partially thought out.  Many much preferred the idea of doodling on scrap paper!  It was also noted that blogging is one way of keeping a journal .


Deb added this addendum in an email……”I just can’t help mentioning:   the connection between having concerns about our confidence and our unwillingness to mess up a fancy journal seem to leap off the page to me!!!  I say – everybody go get a really fancy journal or notebook  and go make the biggest mess you can – using permanent markers and ink and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just go for it!”



Monday, March 21, 2011

Second part of a really fun day…..

OK….here goes with the final part of our day trip to Atlanta.   After we left the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show, we drove to one of our favorite places in Atlanta……the Barnes and Noble in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.   

OK….don’t think that we are crazy, but we have always enjoyed this particular B&N.  The attraction started when our kids were small and before they had a B&N here at home.   Michael and I would sit in the comfy chairs and read books while the kids enjoyed finding books that they were interested in.   So you see, this is a long standing attraction!!!!

We got our coffee and tea from Starbucks and then hovered around the tables until one emptied.  Michael pulled several books that he was interested in and I went straight for the periodicals….15 quilting magazines to be precise. 

For the most part, I simply flip thru the magazines, but always find a few blocks or patterns or techniques that are interesting.  Here are a few fun finds…..

I am really wanting to make a fun scrap quilt so was always drawn to those types of patterns.  Here are a couple that looked fun…..


image I also found some information about making knots and burying tails for machine quilting threads.   I KNOW that this is the best way to end off my lines of stitching,  but am normally too lazy to actually do this step by hand!!

Finally, I looked at one book about mixed media papers and found a great idea that I would like to try on fabric……

You use modeling paste (sometimes called Wood Icing) to make designs on a base, let them dry, apply paint to the designs and then lay paper (I read it as fabric) over the top.   There were some cool ideas as to how to make the designs, including making the paste thick and dragging a comb thru it, or placing sequin waste on the base, spreading the paste over it and then gently removing the waste to leave “dots” of paste.

Now I just need to get back home again and start trying some of this!!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

First part of a fun day…..

As I said in yesterday’s post, my husband and I spent a wonderful day in Atlanta.  The first stop was the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show!!!


This is Bulloch Hall……it was built by Major James Bulloch in 1840 for his wife, Martha and their six children.  In 1853, their daughter, Mittie, married Mr. Theodore Roosevelt.  Their son, Theodore became our 26th president.

The house is beautiful and the quilts are displayed in unique, wonderful way_3182005

The first room exhibited the guild’s “Vintage Revisited” challenge.  Each participant was given a vintage block that they could play with.  They could add to it, cut it up, embellish it, recreate it or whatever they could think of.  Here are a few of the results….

_3181993  _3181994

I particularly liked how this woman included her bit of the block….

_3181992I never figured out exactly where the block was, but I REALLY liked this quilt…_3181995Then I enlarged the photo and read the information attached at the bottom.  It gave the quilter’s name as Cyndi Souder and told her blog address….check it out here……    As I looked at her blog, I found out that the tire treads were cut out of the vintage block.  The post relating to this quilt is on December 2nd.

I enjoyed this setting of quilts……

_3182013 ……especially the one on the middle of the wall.

_3182015The quilter’s name is Ben Hollingsworth and it is called“Show Me The Way To Go Home”….the idea is getting from the pub to the house by following the Drunkard’s Path…..cute!!

Here is the attic gallery….another fun display room!!!!

_3182028  My sweet husband wandered around with me the first time through.  I found it funny that I was only looking at the quilts, while he was enjoying the house and furniture… each his own.  When I started back thru it again, he wandered the garden areas and enjoyed the warm spring air.  This is where I found him as I left the house…….

_3182034 ……not a bad idea!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The last part of a great day

As a blogger, I LOVE days that provide a lot of “fodder” for future posts.  Today was such a day.

It started out with Michael and I driving to Atlanta and visiting the quilt show at  historic Bulloch Hall…..more about that later this week.

We then drove to our favorite Barnes and Noble in Buckhead and spent 3+ hours relaxing and reading….my choice was to check out all of the new quilting magazines…..more to come about the things I learned.

The final part of the day was meeting our Son (Brian), his wife (Amber) and our Daughter (Jenny) at a wonderful Brazilian restaurant called  Fogo de Chão.    We had heard about this restaurant for years but hadn’t had a chance to visit.

The evening started with a traditional Brazilian drink called a Caipirinha.  It is made with cachaca (distilled from sugar cane), sugar and lime.  It had a wonderful, refreshing flavor and was cool looking as well……

IMG_0107 I particularly liked the thin sliced baby limes!!!!

Now, on to how this restaurant works.  First of all, there is a salad bar that has all sorts of salads, vegetables  and cheeses.  I was particularly fond of the Tabouli.

Then comes the fun part……when this disc is green side up…..

IMG_0113 … comes the meat……everything from sausages, chicken wings, roasted lamb, lamb chops, pork ribs, bottom sirloin, filet mignon and on and on and on and on… get the idea!!!

IMG_0112 It is flurry of activity as the servers flock to your table proffering wonderful food.  They slice it at your table, giving you small tongs to hold the meat while the servers are slicing it.

When your plate (or your mouth) is full, you turn the disc over and magically the meat servers go away…..


You just have to remember……green means go, red means no!!!

After we had ingested as much red meat as we could stand, we of course had to have desert.  Here is Jenny’s interpretation of how we all felt  (but still room for more)…..


The deserts were all magnificent and this particular restaurant gets an A+ for presentation…..


It was a wonderful evening out with our kids and a fun memory for the future….


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last batch of flowers


This flower was one of the most fun to make.  Once again, the stem was fairly short so I was looking for a flower that would move upward.

I started out by looking through this book of Origami Flower techniques …..

516SVTk8u3L._SL500_AA300_One of the designs was for a flower that used this basic design, but I ended up simplifying it a LOT ….

I started by cutting a strip of fabric, that was 2-1/2 inches wide and about 5 inches long.  I sewed the short ends together to form a tube, turned it right side out and used a machine basting stitch to stitch along the top and bottom of each tube.

I carefully gathered the two ends and then pushed one end down into the other, causing a bowl to form.  I dragged all of the threads to the back and tied them into a knot, leaving one thread on front to attach the large green bead.

When I attached these petals to the quilt top, I used seed beads to help hold the pieces in place and to also add some additional interest.


These last four flowers are basically simple beaded designs which I described in this post……_3081957 _3081958 _3081963 _3081964

Monday, March 14, 2011

More flowers up close

These next two flowers were sort of made up as I went.

_3081962 I LOVE Sunflowers and knew that I wanted some sort of a sunflower/daisy flower to be a part of the thank you gifts.

This one was simple to make as I sewed petals (right sides together), cut a small slit in the back to turn the petal and then attached them to the quilt top.  The center is basically an upside down yo-yo with some stuffing added.

_3081959For this piece, the stem was short so I was trying to think of designs that would stand upward.  I found some flower line drawings that someone had given to my kids MANY years ago and saw a design that looked like this flower.

Once again, I simply sewed the petals, turned them right side out and stitched them together with the flower base.

Unfortunately, my fabric choices did not show up well on the background, so I added the fused orange border to better show off the colors.   For this piece, I didn’t do a good job of placing the slits used for turning the petals, so they are sewn onto the background using a few beads.  That way, you cant look at the back of the petal and see the holes.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flowers up close……

Here are some up close photos of  three of the flowers that were used for our chairmen gifts..



This was one of the easier of the flowers.  I fused the fabrics onto felt and then started adding thread embroidery.  The cool thing was that the more I sewed, the more the flower bent upward, making a wonderful 3-D shape.  After the fact I decided that it needed a little bling so I added some light pink beads to the center.  I did forget that the back could be seen and  used a white thread on a pink/purple felt so the stitching looked horrible.  I fixed this by taking a fabric marker and coloring the thread to make it less noticeable.


This flower was one of the last ones that I made (as time was running low) so it had to be SUPER easy.   I simply fused two fabrics together for each layer, cut out a circle, divided it into “rays” and made simple cuts to separate out the petals.  For the orange layer, I rounded the corners a bit.  The center is simply a yo-yo with a bit of batting inserted.  I started to neatly applique the center to the flower, but then decided to do it roughly to add even more texture.

 _3081960 This was a design that I found online and I found that it was really easy to make.  I sewed circles comprised of two colors of fabrics, right sides together.  I then cut a small slit in the back of each petal and turned the fabrics right side out.  The individual petals were made by folding a small amount of the circle up so that it formed a triangle.   The hardest part of this flower was sewing all of the petals together at the center, as I couldn’t make my stitching be a round circle….note the lopsided center of the flower….made that way to cover my less than perfect stitching!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The calm after the storm

Last night was the final event related to the Quilt Show……our guild meeting and wrap up party.

Deb and I had a wonderful team of women serving on our Core Committee and then heading up each of the other committees!!!!   We wanted to do something to honor them and debated long and hard about what to do.

Then, one of us mentioned making 3-dimensional flowers and the ideas started flowing.  We decided to give each chairman a flower, just like an actor receives after a wonderful performance!!!

I have already shown the process that we used to dye the background fabrics…check it out here, AND, I have shown some of the beaded flowers here.

We both had ideas that we wanted to incorporate…..I was enjoying playing with beads so wanting something “blingy”,  and Deb really enjoys using words on her quilts, so we decided to do both.

The words were printed on “Extravorganza” fabric.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get all of the quilts together to take a  photo but here are my portion of the completed projects…..


In the next few days, I will post pictures of the individual flowers and tell a bit about how they were made.

NOW, as for this morning……I slept wonderfully last night, with no “disaster” dreams haunting me, I woke up relaxed and refreshed, my Husband and I skipped the gym and I had biscuits and eggs for breakfast!!!!  Needless to say, I am in relaxation mode……at least until 10:00am…..then I have to get back to doing tax returns, but it is SO nice to know that I can sit at my desk all day and work, AND to know that the guild has pulled off another successful show!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My little bit of fun

A few weeks ago I showed you the flowers that I was beading.  Well, now I can show you what they were for…..

There were 6 people who were instrumental in the planning and running of the quilt show, they included four Core Committee members and Deb and myself (Co-Chairs).  I had a great desire to make something that we could all wear during the show that told visitors that we were the organizers of the event.

SO….when I heard Mary Stori speak about beading a couple of months ago, she talked about using felt to stabilize the work and I got to thinking about using felt to make these badges.

The process went like this……  fuse fabric onto the felt to create the flower design, use thread to “free-motion” around the edges of all of the fabrics,   attach the beads (the REALLY fun part), cut out the flowers, add the ribbons (more about that below), fuse fabric on the back, cut out the fabric, add the pin.

You know that you always manage to learn something from almost every project and here is my newest bit of knowledge…..did you know that you can use an Ink Jet Printer to print directly onto ribbon?   Here is the process…..

Print out the items that you want to print on the ribbon, making sure that they will easily fit on the ribbon.   I printed mine out on cardstock.


Then you take double sided tape and stick it on TOP of the words that you want to print.   You stick the ribbon onto the other side of the double sided tape and run it back through your Ink Jet Printer.   I also added a piece of regular tape to the top of the page to keep the ribbons from coming loose in the printer.

And…..voila……  printed ribbon……


Here are the finished products.  They looked great as our core committee wore them during the show….


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Awards from the Show…

I was extremely happy to receive four ribbons from our show this weekend.

I received an Honorable Mention award for “Escala Azule”……


A Second Place award for  “Hot Espresso, Cool Gelato”……..



A Second Place award for “Blew Two”



And my favorite…..the “Best Machine Quilting” Award for “Study in White”……



As you can see the ribbons were wonderful. ……


Nancy B. made ALL 60+ of them by herself….without ANY help.   She wrote to me just before the show and said that she was having “separation anxiety” and wondered if she could just give us the ribbon tails and keep all of the blocks for herself!!!!  I dont blame her one little bit!!!

OK….so the show is now over!!  It was a wonderful 4 days of spending time with some of the nicest people in the whole world.

This is how Deb H. (my Co-Chair) and I felt at the end of the day…..


All that is left is the Post-Show party on Tuesday and then I can get back to some tax work.  I know that my clients will be pleased!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Anatomy of a Quilt Show Setup Day

On Thursday I spent the day helping to set up for the Cotton Patch Quilter Guildt Show. 

We entered the Civic Center at 7:00am to see an empty room….except for the tables and chairs that we had requested…..


The first step is to tape out the floor so that we know exactly where the vendor booths and frames will go.  Then the sheets for the Vendor booth’s go up on the walls…..


And here come the frames…..

 _3031724 _3031727 _3031733


As you can see, we had lots of help from our husbands and other male friends.

Next step….get the quilt hanging poles ready for each bay…..


Here are the quilts ready to be moved into their bays….._3031745

Staging crews go first and place the quilts on their appropriate hanging pole…


And hanging crews put them up on the frames….._3031831 

Name tags are added…….


Then the floor is cleared, the doors are closed and the ribbons arrive.   Who will win this lovely purple ribbon?????

_3031864 The preview party is held where all of the winners are announced and then the doors are opened to reveal our WONDERFUL SHOW!!!!!   Three days, 250 quilts, 12 vendors and LOTS of good times to come.

I cant wait!!!!

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