Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden growings….

Here are a few scenes from our flower beds…..

I love the purple groundcover in the bottom of the photo but cant wait for the Day Lilly’s in the background to bloom.  Last year they didn’t do well, but everybody in this area had problems.  Hope they make it this year……


And who can resist the new fronds of a fern….._4202290

The chives are beautiful and this patch gets bigger every year.  I certainly need to find a good recipe to use them in……_4202293

Many years ago, one of Michael’s students was doing research on Columbines and he gave me some wonderful specimens.  They are gorgeous, intricate flowers, but are hard to photograph as they droop downward……



Even the leaves are fun to look at….maybe I should think about a quilting design based on these……_4202308


For many years I wanted a Hydrangea bush and finally bought one a few years ago.  It didn’t do much for several years, but last year put out some beautiful soft blossoms, although I was disappointed that they weren’t the fun balls of flowers that I had expected.  I finally realized the reason….I had bought a “Lace Cap Hydrangea”!!!  Oh well, I hope that this one continues to bloom this year……_4202312 

Finally, it is time for the Irises to bloom.  These are PROLIFIC, but beautiful…..

_4202314 _4202316

Friday, April 29, 2011

Well, dogs seem to love my quilts!!!

tumblr_lkagzt7jUp1qb4453 My dear friend Emily posted a blog showing photos of her dog, Jude……lying on the quilt that I made as a wedding present!!!!



It is such fun seeing a quilt being used and enjoyed!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Read to Rover

A few months ago I posted about a quilt that I made for my friend Kris.  The original post is here.  

Here is a wonderful photo of the quilt in action….with Star and Comet showing how they relax on the quilt while the kids sit and read to them…..

Read to Rover

A wonderful program….thanks Kris  (and Star and Comet) for the work that you do!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

University of Georgia Art Department

While waiting for an exhibit to open, my husband and I  walked a bit around the halls of the Art Department.  I found one exhibit that I really loved.  It was called “Pulp Fiction” and was a display of  handmade paper crafts.  Here are a few examples….

 _4232337 _4232332 _4232333 _4232334 _4232335

My favorites were the designs shown in these windows.  These are all cut from paper…..

_4232331 _4232330

On a facing wall there was a display made with discarded knit clothing……


Lots of things to visually challenge the quilter!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sarah asked to see a closer photo of the threadwork, so here is one without any size restrictions.
Just click on the photo and it should end up huge on your screen……

And Sarah, I have no idea if I “laid down the threads” correctly or not….I just did whatever would work!!!!

AND....after I just looked at it up REALLY close, I realized that I dont have any of her long whiskers and eyelashes showing so I may try to add some during the quilting process (which hopefully starts in just a few minutes!!!)

Friday, April 22, 2011

One Hump or Two

Today (Friday), I decided that I needed a break from work…..after all it is past “Tax Day”, so I planned to hit my studio around Noon.  The plan was to work on the Camel thread painting, but I just couldn’t motivate myself in there to work.

I finally realized why….I was scared to work on it because I was afraid that I would mess it up!!!!   I was reminded of a post that I had read from Leah Day where she was talking about this exact thing, and her comment was that “it was only a fat quarter of fabric”, so why worry about it.     I realized that the same thing applied to me, so with that in mind, I headed AWAY from my desk and TOWARD the machine.

I decided that I would give myself one hour and then re-evaluate.  At the end of the hour, I LOVED what I was doing and definitely wanted to keep on going.

Here are some photos of the progress…..

When you last saw it, it looked like this……

_3272070 My first step was to finish filling in the highlight areas and remove the blue lines.  Then I filled the other spaces with simple lines, trying to be careful to get the line directions correct……

 _4222321 I then sketched  over the larger areas with a slightly lighter color of thread, and then again with an even lighter shade.…..

_4222322 The next step was to work on the “basket” in the background.  I decided early on that I wasn’t going to worry if it looked like a basket, but just wanted to include a little more texture……_4222323

I then added some crossed lines…….

_4222324 Final step was a bit of shading and also some darker threads around the camel to make him stand out a bit from the background.

_4222325 I picked two fabrics for the borders, and, voila…..the top is finished…..

Camel Quilt TopIt has been a fun piece and I really enjoyed the thread painting.  Maybe I will try more of it in the future!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Day at the Braves Game


On Sunday, Michael and I enjoyed a day at the Atlanta Braves Baseball game, accompanied by our son Brian and his wife Amber.

The day was beautiful and I loved the green of the well groomed  field…..


It reminded me of our day at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London……


  ……but there the similarities ended!!!

At Turner field, we ate Hot Dogs, chips and Frozen Lemonade while at Lords we feasted on Quiche, Salad and Wine.

We never saw the baseball players line up like this……

P5192512 (2) but they didn’t have a Tool Race at Lords!!!!!


We all had a wonderful day!!!!!!

_4172268 _4172269

Monday, April 18, 2011

A fun surprise

Today, I was driving through my local town of Watkinsville……one main street with the courthouse and a few stores.  I glanced to one side and saw the window of the Oconee County Tourist Bureau and noticed that there was a wonderful quilt displayed in the window.


Then I did a double take and realized that “I made that quilt!!!!!”……at least I pieced the top.

It is the one that is being raffled for the Oconee Relay for Life event and they are selling tickets at the Welcome Center.

Naturally I had to stop and take a photo!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fiber Frenzy – Thread painting tutorial


Mary Ann M. (check out her blog here) gave a short demonstration for how to work a piece with thread painting.

Specifically, she talked about how to make embroidered pieces and then cut them out and applique them to our quilts. 

The first pieces that she showed were sewn on tulle that was sandwiched between two pieces of Solvy.  When the Solvy is soaked out, the tulle holds the stitching in place…..

_4082249This top one uses a straight stitch making small overlapping circles, while this one was stitched with a free-motion zig-zag stitch.


She then showed us some of the wonderful pieces that she has been doing some thread sketching on…..


I absolutely love this piece…..but you know how I am about sunflowers!!!_4082251  She suggested several books for us to look at……

  -  “Thread Magic” by Ellen Anne Eddy

  -  “Thread Painting Made Easy” by Terry White

  -  “Threadwork” by Effie Mitrofanis

She also mentioned Laughing Cat Design Studio blog where there is a wonderful tutorial for doing thread work.

Thanks Mary Ann for inspiring us to try something new…..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fiber Frenzy – Going Green

At the Fiber Frenzy group on Friday, we all shared our “Going Green” challenges.  The were wonderful!!!!!

Sue T. made this wonderful piece using recycled men’s ties.  I love the texture that she was able to achieve and we all laughed about the tie with the houses on it.  It was the perfect addition to her piece……


Shirley E. made two challenge pieces.  This first one was a reminder that we have to be careful with the way we treat our water……._4082245

The water was made with layers of organza and netting.

Her second one was a reminder of the railroad tie garden that she has.  She fills it up with all of the compost bits from her kitchen and then grows wonderful vegetables ……_4082241I particularly liked the 3-dimensional garden with her quilting “scraps” on one end and the plants growing on the other……_4082242  Mary Ann M. showed her jalapenos.  She is not happy with it because she thinks that they look too much like pickles, but pickles ARE green…._4082232

Jodie S. showed her piece featuring a 3-dimensional lunch bag filled with painted vegies.  She used Inktense pencils to draw and color the vegetables……_4082233 

Madeline H. didn’t get hers translated to fabric, but showed us her plan. …..GO NOTRE DAME!!!!_4082239

Here they are all together……

_4082244Isn’t it amazing how two simple words can take our minds in such different directions!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I love my clients!!!!


I can always count on my clients to cheer me up.

Instead of the usual boring set of file folders, J showed up with this wonderful, decorated book…..


Maybe I should give him a break on the price…..

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