Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes things happen for the best…..

If you haven’t noticed, I have been a bit lackluster in my blog posting for the last couple of months.  The reason is that I (and my husband) are just TIRED!!!!!  Over the last two years, we have spent 16 weeks overseas, married off a son, done some major home renovations, I have co-chaired a Quilt Show, been thru two hectic Income Tax Seasons, and have just generally been busy.

For that reason, Michael and I had decided that we wanted a vacation where neither one of us had to work or do anything that we didn’t want to!!!  

After some thought we decided to rent a house on Green Turtle Cay, part of the Abaco Island chain in the Bahamas.  It was a two bedroom house about 100 yards from the beach and our plan was to relax, snorkel and drive the golf cart to the local restaurant each night for dinner!!

Then Hurricane Irene came for a visit and sat on top of Marsh Harbor and our little island.  Our house wasn’t damaged, but the amenities on the island were, so we cancelled our trip and started thinking about where else we might go.

For many years our “go-to” relaxing place has been Snowbird Mountain Lodge just outside of Robbinsville, NC .


In the past we have stayed in the main lodge but this time we decided to splurge and stay in one of their “cabins” that overlook the mountains.  Each comes with a king size bed, huge living area, Gas-log fireplace, whirlpool tub,  and private deck complete with hot tub!!!!

We were scheduled to arrive on Monday, but woke up Sunday morning and wondered why we were waiting another day.  We called to see if the room was available, packed and headed North!!!

Now there are many things to do around Snowbird, and on our first visit, we hiked on the Appalachian Trail, rode horses and walked thru neighboring Joyce Kilmer National Forest.  On subsequent visits (all nine of them) we never left the property!!! 

So the itinerary for our five days is this…..wake up around 8:00,  eat a gourmet breakfast, sit at the lodge for a few hours and talk/work/stare at the mountains.   We eat our bag lunch, then move back to our private deck where we talk/work/stare at the mountains.   Then back to the lodge for a drink in the bar, a gourmet dinner and more time on the deck where we talk/work/stare at the mountains!!!!   (when I say “work” I am talking about planning and working on fun and creative things)P7260049

So far we haven’t found time to take an afternoon nap, but that is mainly because we dont want to lose time from talking, working and staring at the mountains!!!!

Now, I hate that the people of Green Turtle Cay have been hurt by the hurricane, but I am so thankful that we were not able to make that particular trip.

This is absolutely what we needed in order to recharge our batteries!!!!!


So goodnight from the beautiful mountains…..


See you in the morning…….

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Class Time

A few weeks ago I took a two session class at my local quilt store (Dragonfly Quilt Shop) about doing hand applique.  It was taught by my friend Cleo…..


and she proceeded to teach me several new techniques!!!!

The first thing that she taught was how to applique a stem…..

….  Cut a bias strip that is 1 inch in width.

…..  Fold in half lengthwise.

….. Pin the folded edge to the inside curve  


…..  Applique into placeDSC00519

….  Use sharp scissors and cut away 1/2 of the underside layer of the stem fabric

 DSC00520 ….  fold the wide fabric side over the smaller one

DSC00521 …..pin in place and applique!!!

DSC00523  This method provides a smooth and thin bias strip for stems etc.

Now, my friends cant believe that I am actually planning to do some hand work, so my photo had to be taken…..

DSC00477 Now I just need to find times to actually practice the technique!!!!

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