Sunday, September 4, 2011

Class Time

A few weeks ago I took a two session class at my local quilt store (Dragonfly Quilt Shop) about doing hand applique.  It was taught by my friend Cleo…..


and she proceeded to teach me several new techniques!!!!

The first thing that she taught was how to applique a stem…..

….  Cut a bias strip that is 1 inch in width.

…..  Fold in half lengthwise.

….. Pin the folded edge to the inside curve  


…..  Applique into placeDSC00519

….  Use sharp scissors and cut away 1/2 of the underside layer of the stem fabric

 DSC00520 ….  fold the wide fabric side over the smaller one

DSC00521 … in place and applique!!!

DSC00523  This method provides a smooth and thin bias strip for stems etc.

Now, my friends cant believe that I am actually planning to do some hand work, so my photo had to be taken…..

DSC00477 Now I just need to find times to actually practice the technique!!!!


Linda said...

Woot woot....wonderful tutorial! I took this class a couple of years ago and of course, did not practice what I learned. Now I have a refresher! Thank you! Hope you will document other the leaf point!

Yes Mam! Fiber Art said...

You go, girl! Once you start hand work, it's impossible to stop! Sounds like you had a great class and a great teacher!

Maggi said...

Great method. With winter approaching there is nothing better than hand stitching in the evening. Careful, you'll soon be hooked.

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