Monday, September 10, 2012

Moving Update

We took possession of our new house on Friday evening and on Saturday morning we were joined by son (Brian) and D-I-L (Amber) for a little bit of toting and carrying.

Of course, the FIRST room to be moved was my studio……


Partly because most everything was already boxed up and ready to go and partly because I wanted it to be the first room finished!!!    Just look at all of the plastic boxes….we quilter’s really should own stock in one of these companies!!!!

While Brian moved boxes…..


…..Amber helped clean the kitchen…….


(would your Daughter-In-Law do this for you????)

After the kids left, I started working in the studio and Michael adjourned to his new office to do some work…..


(don’t you love the Camo sling chair????

At then end of the day, my studio was looking better… least all of the fabric was on the shelves……


….and the day ended with a toast on our screened-in deck…..


More busy days to follow……


Karen said...

I do agree with your priorities - sewing room first!
Lovely to see there were some willing helpers, too. Good luck with all the unpacking.

Sandra said...

That studio is going to be awesome, so much natural light! Very happy for you all! Know you will make many awesome memories in this house. Just curious, what about Paws?

Frances Arnold said...

Paws is still with us and we are hoping that he will make the move OK. We wont move him until the very last moment.

Maggi said...

What a lovely space for your studio and the deck looks good too. That is one treasure of a daughter-in-law.

Linda said...

When we moved from North Caroline, I had all my fabric in tubs, too. The movers came in and said, "Holy Cow!" Oh, well. He just wouldn't understand!

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