Wednesday, January 16, 2013

“Where’s your parrot?”

Today I saw the Doctor and was told that I can start getting rid  of the final crutch…..



Hooray for that!!!!

BUT, Michael and I have had a lot of fun with the fact that I have been clumping around on crutches because every time he would hear me he would ask “where is your parrot”, referencing one of our favorite scenes from the old Pink Panther movies….


Much elbow pumping would follow and one of us would yell “Thar she blows”!!

It is always helpful to have a good laugh!!!!


Karen said...

Get rid of the crutch but definitely keep the parrot!!!!

Maggi said...

Good news about the final crutch. Thanks for the reminder about the parrot, I had forgotten that one.

Linda said...

I am doing a lot of catching up! I'll have to go back to see why you had a crutch, but I'm glad you could get a laugh out of it!

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