Saturday, October 26, 2013

“Why don’t you???”


Just after we moved into this house, I built a design wall to go in my studio, very happy that it was about 24 inches wider than the one in my old house.  

As I have been working on my queen size Australian fabric quilt, I commented to my husband that I wish my wall was a little bit wider.  He then uttered those wonderful words…..”Why don’t you make it wider so that it goes behind the door?”…..DUH!!!!


So, yesterday I bought the needed supplies, and this morning Michael helped me to put it in place….


Now I have LOTS more room to work…..


What would I do without my hubby?????


Karen said...

Love those simple solutions!

Maggi said...

What a gem he is. Did you cover it or did it come like that? It looks good and sturdy.

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