Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Making the first cut….

I had set aside several days this week to work on my challenge quilt and had 6 hours on Sunday to get started on it.  But, unfortunately, I just couldn’t get going with it!!

I knew that I needed to do some additional shading on the hand dyes that I was using so started out by testing several different products…DSC09021

I decided that I was happiest with a Peach colored Tsukineko pen.

Next, I knew that I wanted mountains in the background and had the “great” idea of painting them with more pastels.  I was not particularly happy with the result…..


After about an hour more, I realized that I was just moving fabrics from pile to pile and wasn’t accomplishing anything, so I went back downstairs and accomplished some of the mundane tasks of life!!

I woke up on Monday morning determined that I was going to get started this time. 

First step was to draw the overall design onto freezer paper and get it cut out…..wow…that is one big blob of fabric!!!

I then started drawing in some of the lines and shading……


I added a few doors and windows, but it still wasn’t floating my boat……


But, once I added the foreground, you could really see the perspective and I started to get excited…..


As I started to fuse on the ladder, I realized that the fabric was already starting to fray so I cut another one out of a tightly woven hand-dye.DSC09030

As I added more and more detail, the Pueblo seemed to jump off of the wall.

I tried my painted mountains, but wasn’t happy with them, although they look better in this photo than they did on the wall…..


I had a wonderful time going thru my fabrics and searching for the best ones for mountains.  This was my original design……


But after I put it on the board, I realized that the blue and purple were too much….


So, I peeled them back off again and went for the lower, tree covered mountains…DSC09038

That is where it stands this morning.  

I am thinking that I want to add some flowers or bushes or something scattered around the base of the building….knowing me, I will add Sunflowers!!!

I will also add a lot of thread work but will save that for later in the week.

Now, on to the second panel.  MAYBE it wont be so hard for me to make a start this time!!!

If you need me…..I will be in my studio!!!!


Karen said...

This is looking amazing. Always find it interesting to see the process you go through.

Maggi said...

I love the way that this is taking shape.

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