Monday, March 31, 2014

It’s Spring… least in theory!!!

Like most of the rest of the nation, we have had a LONG, LONG, LONG winter, made even harder by the fact that, at heart,  I am a sun baby.   I enjoy the sun, the warmth and the wearing of shorts, skirts and sandals!!

So, once the days started warming up I was happy to see that the bulbs I had planted last Fall were starting to come up……


One thing that I LOVE about this house is that there is a lot of yard, but this is the only flower bed and it is a size that I can definitely handle!!!


Now I cant wait to see which of my perennials from last year made it thru the hard winter!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Now what does Brian do again???


This is a question that I have been asked many times….people want to know where our son, Brian, is working.  So, a couple of weeks ago I spent a few minutes with him at work (in his apartment) and got the lowdown.

Brian is a Sound and Music Designer, and has been doing freelance work for the last four years and has done a bit of everything…..

At times he is  audio engineering podcasts with “Gaming Union” in the UK.

At times he is doing sound effects and music for animated short films.

He spent a year working on a web series called “Abigail”… HERE to see the trailer.  He has won one award for his work on this series and been nominated for several others.

He has recently finished writing music for an online game called “Wind of Luck”.

He currently has a new job that I am not allowed to talk about here, but he is greatly enjoying working with a group of very creative computer graphics designers.

While he worked, I took a few photos of him in his working environment…..


I love his collection of office decorations…..


… well as his collection of stringed instruments…..


And, this painting was created for him by his very talented wife, Amber…..


You can check out his website HERE to see more of his work and hear some of the other compositions that he has done just for the fun of it!!

We are very proud of Brian and are glad that he has been able to find his niche in the creative world!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Resident artist

They say that the mark of a good blogger is consistency.   Oh well, I never said that I was a good blogger!!!  

I have been pretty much tied to my desk these last 6 weeks, but am happy to announce that tax season is going great!! 

Last week I got to have a break and spent the day at Level Creek Elementary School as their “Artist In Residence”.   My D-I-L, Amber, is the art teacher at the school and invited me to be one of two artists to come in March.

I set up in the main hall, in a place where every student walked passed at least once during the day.  I set up four display areas…..

My working area…….


A display of bed size quilts, both traditional and contemporary…..DSC09111A large frame with smaller wall quilts……


And finally, an area where they could try their hand at designing a patchwork block…..


I had LOTS of short, one on one conversations with the kids as they wandered the halls and also did more formal presentations to 15+ classes.   I enjoyed telling them about how a quilt is made, but had even more fun telling them about the reasons that I make quilts.  

I spent short periods of time piecing blocks and used them to further illustrate how quilts are made….


It was so much fun to just play with the fabric and get to do some sewing!!

At the end of the day, I got to visit Amber’s room…..


By the way, it freaked me out every time a student said “Hi Mrs. Arnold” and it wasn’t directed at me!!!

Amber has a wall hanging that I made for her years ago hanging in her office area…..IMG_1421

….And a great classroom with lots of light and room for creativity……


I particularly like the poster that she had in the room….


In case you cant read it, it says “When you think that you have made a mistake, think of it as an opportunity to make something beautiful” ….from the book “Beautiful Oops” by Barney Saltzberg…..

What a great thing to remember, and I am SO happy that Amber teaches this to her students!!!

All in all, it was a fantastic day!!!!  Thank you Amber for including me!!

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