Thursday, May 29, 2014

Decision made….well actually, decision put off!!

On Wednesday, I spent the morning visiting with a quilting friend who was getting ready to try machine quilting on her first quilt.   So, I drove to her house and showed her a few tips to get her started.  She has made a very cute purple and yellow baby quilt and I cant wait to see how she quilts it.

This afternoon (Thursday), I decided to continue with the Domes, but just not worry about the support beams for right now.

I had a great three hours playing with fabrics and seeing what I could use in my stash without having to buy anything else.

This is where I stopped……


However, I know that I am going to change the two left hand domes from the purplish color to the mottled blue and pink of those on the right.

The more I look at this, I think that the support beams need to be of a lighter color, but who knows….there are lots of days left to decide that!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I started this morning with a fun “BE”… with a quilting friend!!!

The “DO” for the day included a bit of accounting work and vacuuming the ceramic logs in our gas fireplace.

Then I toddled upstairs to work on the Domes and the rot set in!!    I wanted to put some of the support beams in place before I continued with more domes, but I simply cant figure out what fabrics to use.

I have cut, placed and photographed at least 15 different fabrics and I simply am not happy with any of them!!!   I thought that I had decided when I used the navy blues…..


….but now I am not so sure!!

I am wondering if I don’t want to use lighter fabrics rather than darks???  Looking at the photo again, I am thinking about continuing with the green fabrics for the supports. 

But for now I think that I will put that decision off a little longer and start on the other decorative bits for the purple domes.  Besides, it might be better to do the supports last……

As my favorite “Calvin and Hobbes” quote says…..”A day without denial is a day you have to face!!!”

Monday, May 26, 2014


On Saturday, I found this comic strip in our paper……


….and I felt that it was an appropriate mantra for my summer.   I want to…..

DO…..some task from my list


DO…..some task

BE…..with friends and family

DO…..something fun and silly!!


And, when you think of my list, you HAVE to sing it to the tune of “Strangers in the Night”….that is what comes into my mind!!


On Saturday, I started out with a “Do” and scrapped and repainted the metal pole that holds our mail box.   It was rusting and looking pretty bad but 1-1/2 hours of scraping, cleaning and spraying with rust-resistant paint made it look great.   OK…one thing off of my “DO” list.

Next was to head to the studio and work more on the Dome quilt.  For some reason, I am nervous about this quilt and have to motivate myself to work on each new section.   At the end of the day, I had added only a little bit to the composition but had done a lot of thinking about where to go next……


I was VERY unsure about using the green, but I think that it will look good in the long run.  It has some of the same blues and a hint of gold in the pattern.

The arch supports are the next thing to tackle.  I am thinking about introducing some grey and black, but am still not sure.   Guess I need to just cut a few of the support pieces from different fabrics and see what I like!!!

…..more to come…..

Friday, May 23, 2014

Changing boats in mid stream……

Yesterday I didn’t end up spending time in the studio, but did do some creating in my flower garden.   Many of the perennials that I had planted last spring did not make it thru the harsh winter so I set out looking for new ones.   Then I had the thought that, since the bed was so small, I could easily plant annuals each year and increase my flower to foliage ratio!!!   So, I first weeded the bed and trimmed back some dead stems and then I enjoyed planting about 25 new plants….about half perennial and half annual.  


Now I just get to wait for them to grow and bloom!!!

I also had to deal with a pesky set of deer who have been enjoying a few of my leafier plants and pulling up my tulip bulbs by the leaves!!!!  Hopefully the application of a deer repellent will do the trick!!


This morning I met a fellow quilter for coffee and then returned home to get started on my “Blue Mosque” project.

Now, if you cast your mind back to the previous post about this project, I had all of my fabrics picked out, organized  and ready to use.

I started laying those fabrics in roughly the spots they would occupy……


But then I realized that there needed to be a light source and that the fabrics were going to be too dark.   SO…….

The fabric that I found to be the light in the window was blue and not tealDSC02269

….. so all of the other fabrics needed to change as well!!

At this point, I was starting to tense up because I wasn’t sticking with my original plan, but I gave myself a good talkin’ to and told myself to just go with the flow.  Apparently I listened  because I was able to go forward and keep making changes.

I had thought that the windows in each dome would be yellow, but as I tried lots of different fabrics, it became clear that these first ones needed to be bluish…..


I found one piece of hand-dyed fabric that I had bought at some point (I think that it was actually a drop cloth that someone just squeezed together to meld the dyes) and was able to cut the first set of windows from it.

I also made a decision to cut the windows as a unit rather than making each one individually.   This is a bit of a pain to cut, but it sure makes the layout process easier!!!!

At the end of my afternoon, the first dome was formed…..


I am fusing the pieces together and had originally thought that I would lay out the entire top before I started actually fusing.   After this one dome, I think that I will go ahead and fuse sets together as I go.

Tomorrow is free except for a trip to the gym early in the morning and dinner with good friends at their house in the evening, so I cant wait to get back to it!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summertime catharsis

It has been seven years since I have had an ENTIRE summer free with no travel planned.   Mind you, I have loved our travel and look forward to next year when we will spend 5-6 weeks in India, but there is something very refreshing about saying that you have 3+ months completely free. defines the word “catharsis” as “the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art”.   Needless to say, it is the “art” part that I am extremely excited about.

I am trying to decide if I want to set up a formal timetable for my creative time or just to wing it.   I like the idea of “winging it”, but I sure don’t want to get to the end of the summer with nothing to show for it.    Should I  plan to spend 30 minutes EACH day doing something and then have other full days as well, or should I wait until I have a larger period of time available?     These are some of the thoughts that I am trying to work thru right now!!

I am also looking forward to having friends over for coffee at least one morning each week and Michael and I are planning to eat out at least once each week.   I am greatly looking forward to both!!!


I did do some traveling this past week…..I flew to Abilene, Texas  to see my Mom and then flew back with her so that she could visit our home and family.   Then, 3 days later, I flew back to Dallas and put Mom on a flight to Abilene and then hopped a flight back to Georgia…..whew!!!

Mom and I had an enjoyable time looking at quilts and remembering the various projects that she had made over the years.   She is still doing some applique for another quilt…even at 90 years of age!!

I am not sure that she will remember much about the trip, but hopefully the photos of her grandkids will help some…..



So, here’s to a summer of fun, relaxation and creativity……..

Monday, May 12, 2014

The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day….

… to start a brand new project even when you still have two that need to be finished!!!!!  When I told my kids what I was doing, neither one was surprised at all!!

This project got it’s start as a Challenge from my quilt guild, with the challenge be to use this eight pointed star…..


While reading the instructions, I found the following quote….. “The author adapted many designs she observed in the Middle East, especially of Islamic art”.    Hmmmmm…..Islamic art……I have seen a bit of that.

So, I turned to photos from our Turkey trip and started looking at photos taken in the Blue Mosque.    This one grabbed my attention….


In particular I loved the depth!!

I traced it the outlines onto a piece of clear paper…..


….and then used my poster printing function to blow it up to approximately 36 x 50……


At this point I am still happy with the perspective that you can see.  Just hope that I can keep it when I move to fabric!!

After doing some research about Islamic colors, I selected a few photos to use as samples and headed upstairs to pick out some fabrics.

Now, remember that I have several projects already in process, so I boxed up those fabrics ……

photo 3

…..and started pulling out boxes for this new quilt……


Hmmmmm….maybe some black and white is needed!!  Here is the “final” (as if I wont make any other changes) ……


Now I just have to figure out how to incorporate the 8-point star!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A few hours in the studio…..

This weekend I was able to spend a few hours in my studio and enjoyed every minute of it!!  

On Saturday, I put together two more blocks to send to my Mother so that she can do the applique…..

photo 2

Here are the two that she has already done and sent back to me…..

photo 1

As I have looked at these, I  realized that they are all over the place as far as placement goes on the background fabric,  so I am thinking that I will add a common fabric as the “ground” in each piece, but that can come later.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Feed and Fabric

During the retreat, several people found the need for more fabric….no surprise there!!

So, we made a field trip to “Patrick’s Feed and Fabric” in Covington.

It was a fun place, with quilts covering all of walls……

photo 1photo 4

….and a large fabric stash in the corner……

photo 2 (2)

A fun place for a visit!!!!

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