Sunday, June 8, 2014

Caution….quilting in progress….

On Friday, I added the borders, made the back and started with the quilting.  

The border fabric that I decided on was a hand-dyed , very dark piece with small amounts of blue and purple in it.


I normally put a very “busy” fabric on the back so that you cant see the quilting, but decided that maybe I WANTED the quilting to show….


Hope I am happy with that decision when it is all over!!!

So I am currently quilting away……


….hopefully I can get it finished tomorrow!!!  Although, I am not sure exactly what it looks like to take a FINISHED project to a Challenge reveal!!!


Karen said...

Looking good. Good luck!

Maggi said...

It's looking so good, well worth all the agonising over. Can't wait to see it completely finished. I hope you make it in time.

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