Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Time for the “State of the Studio” address…..

Well, I was getting ready to post a note about a new project that I just started, but realized that it was New Year’s Eve and I hadn’t yet written my “State of the Studio” address, also known as “what I did this year”.   So, here goes…..

Michael and I had a wonderful year together, enjoying spending time in our new home.  It was a bit strange that we didn’t have any overseas trips, but I think that we both needed the break.

I found some much needed creative time during 2014, enjoying working on several fun projects.

I started out the year with the Australia Fabric curves.  Michael and I are enjoying sleeping under this one!!!


The second quilt of the year was the guild challenge that I have now named “Blue Light Special”…..DSC02351


Next came two “quick” quilts given to our two young Chinese visitors….DSC03009



Then, my friend Diane turned 60 and needed a quilt to keep her warm…..DSC02621

This fun baby quilt was a joy to make……


These two challenges from my Crea-8-tive group gave me a chance to try something new…..  DSC03341



My stained glass challenge was fun…..DSC03876

Finally, there was this quick quilt for Jenny for Christmas…..


Looking back, I see that my projects can be split into to categories…..1) quick and easy and  2)  be creative.   I am really pleased with the balance between the projects and have enjoyed trying some new things.

As I look forward to 2015, I know that we are going to have a fantastic year although it has potential to be quite hectic.   At this point we have 3 overseas trips planned…..3 weeks in Nepal in May/June with 10 days of hiking in the Himalayas, 3 weeks in Colombia in July/August  and the month of September in Bangalore, India!!     In addition, I am chairman of our guild Quilt Show in March!!!

I told Michael that my mantra for the year is going to be “don’t procrastinate” because I simply don’t have time for it!!!

All I can say is…….BRING IT ON!!!!


Nupur said...

Happy New Year, Frances! What a beautiful array of quilts this is. And the quick and easy don't look all that quick or easy :)

2015 is going to be a busy and amazing year. Can't wait for March!

Karen S said...

It is lovely having a re-cap of your projects for the year.
Have a wonderful 2015.

Cat said...

All beautiful!

Maggi said...

Happy New Year Frances. Lovely to be able to see all your projects together in one place. It sounds like it was a good idea to have a year at home as it certainly looks like this year is going to be hectic and exciting.

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