Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A New Way to work…..


Since it is January, I am getting busy with my work and will stay that way until after April 15th when our income tax returns are due.   This necessitates my spending a lot of time SITTING at my desk.  

Last April, I found out that I have a pinched nerve in my back and proceeded to spend about 6 months in Physical Therapy where it slowly got better and better to the point that I didn’t notice it much.   My PT’s mantra was “movement is the key”!!

As soon as I started sitting so much again, it started hurting!

For several years I had thought about getting a standing desk or making a platform for my current desk so that I could stand there.  The problem is that once you have a standing desk, you HAVE to stand…..all the time.

While looking for alternatives, I came across a product called a VariDesk.  It is a platform that sits on top of your current desk and works on a hydraulic system that allows you to easily move from a standing to sitting position.

Here is the standing position……


….and by squeezing levers on each side


….I can easily lower it to a sitting position……


I haven’t had a full workday at the desk yet, but am really looking forward to seeing if it will keep my back from hurting.   The only thing left to get is a short HDMI cable so I can get rid of the looped cable taking up my precious shelf space and a thick foam mat to stand on…..both have been ordered!!

I will update the review as time goes on!!


Nupur said...

What a great idea! You'll have to give us an update on this desk. "Movement is the key" is a good mantra for all of us, I think.

Sylvia said...

Neat! We got one of those fancy anti-fatigue mats for Christmas and put it in the kitchen. It's soooooo nice and squishy to stand on!

Amber said...

How cool!!

Jean said...

This sounds like a really good idea, I hope it helps.

Karen S said...

This looks like a great solution to meet your needs. I will be interested to see how you are going after a few weeks. I have also read that standing when working for part of the day is a much healthier option, too. A bit like getting some gentle exercise. Another good benefit.

Maggi said...

That looks like a great solution. i do hope that it works out for you.

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