Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Weekend Fun


Michael and I have enjoyed a much needed relaxing and fun long weekend…..

It started on Saturday with a trip to visit Michael’s friend, Ron and his wife, Nina.  They live in South Carolina on a wonderful 70 acre farm and we had a blast!!!

The first order of business was some skeet shooting…..


Now, the other three are SO good at it and I am horrible, so after a few pathetic shots, I started tending to the bird thrower …..


MUCH more fun!!!

After dinner they took us for a walk around their property and a good chance to try out the new camera some more…..


I am so happy with the depth of field that it allows!!!

As it got dark and a bit chilly, the bonfire helped keep us warm……IMG_0311

Once again I had a fun time playing with the camera in the firelight…..IMG_0310

….all the while remembering this quilt by Terry Grant (check her blog here)…..firebefore


In the morning, we moved on to the pistol range…..


Fortunately I am a bit better with a hand gun !!!!


We drove back smelling heavily of gun powder but with BIG smiles on our faces!!!

That evening we went to a Low Country Boil with a bunch of our friends from Church.

Monday meant time for yard work, swimming at the neighborhood pool, and a bit of time for us to do what we love which meant I headed to the studio.  I am currently working on the backing for this quilt top…..



A truly enjoyable weekend!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

A challenging challenge….


In our guild, we have two challenges each year with the first being due at the June meeting.   The upcoming challenge is to use the following shape in a quilt….

Cone_Challenge (2)

Look easy doesn’t it!!!!  

When I thought that we were going to be in Nepal, I had planned to make something very small and English Paper Piece it while we were traveling and trekking.  Since our plans changed I have been trying to come up with another idea and it hasn’t been easy!!!

I was originally trying to make something to go on the wall over our bed in the Spring and Summer when this bedspread is in use…..


….but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what to do.

I decided to make a test block so spent a lot of time trying to draft something that was a bit different and came up with this idea…..


Although I like the design, I am not sure where it would go from here and also, it became less accurate as I added more rounds to it.

Then I decided to try making a basic star using strip pieced sets.  This was the result…..


I liked this idea better but was still unsure of how I could make it into what I was envisioning.

Then I decided that any wallhanging to go with the bedspread would need to be pretty plain or it would clash with the bedspread fabric design.   So, I moved to thinking about using the bedspread that we use in Autumn and Winter.   The colors are more earth toned  (here is the pillow sham)…..


So today I spent a couple of hours making stars in various sizes…..


So far I like the concept although you may ask how I am going to get all of these different sizes of stars to fit together….a good question and one that I have NO answer to…..we will all have to be surprised together!!!

But at least I am sewing and creating again…..

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fixing the Eiffel quilt


Back in 2005, we took a family vacation to Paris and took this photo of our daughter Jenny…..


I used this as the pattern and made this quilt……

PA200224 (2)

I had never been entirely happy with Jenny’s body and couldn’t figure out why.  I hung the quilt on our stairs back in January and after looking at it for a couple of weeks realized that the problem was that there was no shading on her legs or arms.

So, one quiet Sunday back in February I took the quilt off the wall and pulled out some fabric paints and decided to try fixing the shading.


It did NOT work!!!  Having said that, I was ok with the shading on her legs.  So I put it aside and decided to leave it for another day.

Since I have had some unexpected time on my hands, I made this my first project.

I couldn’t find the right shades of fabric so I ended up taking one fabric and painting it to make several different shades.  I then cut out the shapes and fused them into place, adding a bit of quilting to hold it together.



It is still not exactly what I was wanting, but I do think that it is a lot better than it used to be!!!

Now to find another project……

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Antique Quilt Fun…..


Well, life is slowly getting back to normal….whatever that looks like!!!

I haven’t had time to post about it, but several months ago there was a small antique quilt display at our local library.  DSC04329


One of my Great-Grandmother’s quilts was included…..



It is a Caesar’s Crown variation pattern, made by Mary Louisa Messer Hall, in the 1930’s.

I enjoyed looking at the quilts, especially noting the ones that had one or more blocks made with different fabrics…..


I wonder if I would ever have the guts to make a pastel quilt with one VERY red block??   I also really liked the soft colored fabrics that were used in the rest of the quilt.

This quilt looked fairly ordinary from a distance away…..


….but I was enamored with the quilting……


Each corner of the block had an area of “stipple” quilting that added so much texture to the piece.  Here is another photo that shows how it looked….


It was a fun showing in a peaceful setting…….


Friday, May 1, 2015



Well, it is official…..we have re-booked our tickets from India and will be making the Annapurna Trek on October 1st thru 14th. 

In all honesty, this is probably the best way to go anyway since we will already be on that side of the world and acclimated to the time difference well before we start hiking.

And let me give a HUGE shout out to Delta Airlines…..they REFUNDED our non-refundable tickets which means that we don’t have to file an insurance claim and can just move the insurance over to the new trip…..saving us some money!!!

So now we are doing our happy dance again…..

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