Thursday, July 20, 2017


Back in April I had talked to Michael about the possibility of my getting  to Houston in November for the International Quilt Festival.   He agreed that it would be a good idea so I started making plans.

The first thing that I  wanted to do was to enter my “Himalayan Hallows” quilt in the show and see if I could get it juried in.  Well that plan didn’t work out so well because the final registration date had passed about 4 days earlier!!!!  But while I was on the site, I noticed that the registration was still open for a special exhibit called “Tactile Architecture” and I decided that since there was a structure in the quilt that I would enter it there.



This is actually a traveling exhibit so it will debut at the Festival and will then travel to other shows over the next year.

The quilt doesn’t have to travel and I debated about whether or not I wanted to send it away for such a long time but several people (including my husband) urged me to do so.

SO, on Monday I carefully packed up my quilt and took it to the UPS store to send it on it’s merry way.   It will be great fun to see it hanging in the show in November and then to hear where else it will be displayed over the next ten months.

Here is one last look…….



Dot said...

Way to go Frances. Happy for you

Nupur said...

Your travel quilt made it to a traveling exhibit- so thrilled for you!! Congrats Frances.

elle said...

OH!!! Huge and lengthy SNOOPY Dance! How very exciting. So happy for you!

Karen S said...

Congratulations. That is very exciting news. And how wonderful to be able to see it on display yourself!!

Linda said...

What an amazing quilt! Congratulations and it SHOULD travel and be displayed - something that incredible!!!! Have a wonderful time when it rolls around!

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