Saturday, November 24, 2018

IQF–Final day!!

Saturday was my “classroom day” although I did find a few minutes for some shopping and quilt perusing.

I started out the morning with the “Saturday Sampler” where I got to spend 2 hours in a room with 28 quilt artists and walk from table to table to hear what they were saying and see their demonstrations.

Since I had seen so many quilts to painted tops, I was particularly interested in those techniques.   There were two artists who were talking about Inktense Pencils.  The best hint of the day was to hold the pencil at the far end when coloring so that you get filled in color and not hard lines that will stay as lines when they are activated…..IMG_7025

The question most asked was about how to “activate” the pencils and there were several different views.   If you are using the pencils on paper, then plain water will do, but on fabric, water will cause the colors to seep and spread.  The real debate was whether to use a fabric medium (such as Golden GAC) or a simple Aloe gel (the kind that is used to treat burns).   From what I heard, the fabric medium will set the colors, but will change the “hand” of the fabric….ie it will be thicker and less pliable.   The Aloe Gel apparently works the same but it soaks into the fabric rather than sitting on top of the fabric.

I spent time with Melinda Bula, listening to her talk about different types of fusible products…. IMG_7021 Since I haven’t been pleased with most of the fusibles that I have tried, I found her talk very interesting.   If nothing else, she reminded me that I need to do some research before my next big landscape/portrait quilt.

Next, I visited with Susan Edmonson and enjoyed watching some of her hand embellishment techniques…..IMG_7023

Can you tell from the state of her “booth” that she is highly creative!!!

I had the most fun watching the hand applique work of Karen Buckley…..


She had great ideas about how to prepare the applique pieces which, to me, is the worst part of the applique process.   Her templates are made from “Templar plastic” and result in a sharp folded edge.   She also suggested brushing the edges with  “Magic Sizing” to help the fold hold in place.   I succumbed to her shop and bought a set or two of templates.   So, I guess that means that I need to get some hand applique organized!!

In the afternoon I spent 3 hours with Jenny Lyon, working on machine quilting filler patterns.   With each design, we started out by drawing the design for about 5 minutes…..IMG_7074

….and then we moved to the machine to give it a try……


As you can see, we were working on wonderful Pfaff machines that had a larger throat area. 

Next was a long feather design.   I found that I could sew the right side well, but moving to the left was much more difficult…..IMG_7078

The last design was a box filler…….IMG_7080I have always had trouble with this one but her instruction made it much easier to do.

Jenny’s quilts are all wonderful but I especially enjoyed the border in this Bunny quilt.    It is just a black piece of fabric with LOTS of quilting with white thread…..


I also like the idea behind this quilt…..


……make a top that highlights a single block of printed fabric and then use that design to inspire the rest of the quilting!!

During my lunch break, I made one more, very quick, run thru the show, taking a few photos of some quilts that I had missed.’

This piece by Cecilia Koppmann used fabrics that were given to her by her students……


These quilts were all reproductions or inspired by an 1876 quilt……


My favorite version of the quilt was this one in blue and yellow…….


We talked to Barbara Gonce who made THREE versions of the quilt.   Here she is pictured with two of them……


The night ended with Nachos and University of Georgia football…..


As we flew home, I could only think about all of the inspirations that I came away with.   I spent the entire time on the floor sending myself emails to remind me of things that I might want to try.   My suitcase was filled with a number of goodies, including a pattern for an upcoming baby quilt, a wool pressing board, a Tsuniko Ink starter set and many other fun things that I cant wait to try!!!

The last task of the trip was to fill out the hotel request for NEXT year’s show!!!IMG_7095


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

IQF Day 2 (Part 2)

The first quilt of this post is a purely whimsical offering by Beth Miller, also from Canberra, Australia……IMG_6890

This quilt by Susan Mogan is a beautiful pastel sunrise……IMG_6902

This stripe quilt by Maria Shell caught my eye…….


I loved the laces that were used for waves in the piece by Eilene Williams……IMG_6925

I love this old barn by Karlyn Lorhenz, but REALLY like the painted sunset…..IMG_6927

Speaking of painted quilts, it seemed to be the recurring theme for the show.   There were so many where the tops were either painted, drawn or digitally produced.  Even this gorgeous quilted piece by Mikyung Jang was enhanced with painting…….


This landscape by Pat Derbin reminded me greatly of our forest trip in China back in August.   The thing that I noticed most about this quilt is that the “leaves” on the steps are simple squares of fabrics……IMG_6938

In the category titled “Balanced Piecing and Applique", I was drawn to this quilt by Karen Grover.   I really like the applique that is overlaid on the piecing…..IMG_6952

This great quilt was made by Hsi-chen Hsu…..the same artist who made two of the quilts that I showed from the Preview night.   I obviously relate to her work……


I was attracted to the colors in this quilt by Betty Busby that was based on Lichens.   The center “lace” pieces were meticulously cut out!!…..


Finally, this applique quilt by Zena Thorpe was truly amazing……IMG_6989

I not only loved the whimsical nature of the quilt, but these 1/8th inch wide circles were crazy.   Linda and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how they were done…..IMG_6990

….and then decided that it didn’t really matter since neither of us were going to try to do it anyway!!!

We closed out the day by meeting some friends for dinner and enjoying an hour of talk about all of the sights of the day!!!

One more day to go…….

Friday, November 16, 2018

IQF–Day 2 (Part 1)

On Friday, I was feeling better and set off the for convention center with the idea that I was going to make the most of the day

The first thing that I wanted to do was to look at all of the quilts that were in my category (Pieced – Large) and see who the winners were.  First place was won by Lynda Lynn with this magnificent quilt……IMG_6810

The quilting is pretty magnificent as well!!IMG_6814

Second place was made by Beth Nufer……


Third place went to Andrea Petrocelli for this quilt that had 7,924 Flying geese…...IMG_6816

Here is a close up of the amazing piecing……


Honorable Mention was by Renne Ferre……riIMG_6824

I thoroughly enjoyed walking thru the “People, Portrait & Figures” entries.   This very simple quilt by Cindy Richard was one of my favorites……IMG_6846

Another favorite was a Judge’s Choice winner…..a wonderful portrait by Roxanne Nelson…..IMG_6857

I spoke at length with Jennifer Bowker, a quilter from Canberra, Australia who made this blue ribbon quilt based on a photo that she purchased the rights to.  It was taken during a 2013 massacre in Cairo…..IMG_6861

This quilt, made by Christina Bono, was in the machine quilting category and was super cute…..IMG_6881

I had the pleasure of witnessing a touching interchange between Alex Anderson and Sandra Navaro, a quilter from Spain who spoke very little English and was using her young son as her translator.    It was obvious that she was so moved by having a photo with Alex Anderson and she fought back tears as she told her thank you……IMG_6933

This quilt by Peter Hayward was voted as Viewer’s Choice.   I was interested that the shading was achieved by placing black net over certain areas of the quilt……


There are tons more to show, but I will save the rest for another post……

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

IQF–Day 1

After last night’s preview, we were ready to hit the floor and really start seeing the quilts and visiting the vendors.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel great so only got to spend the morning at the show!!   However, even in the few hours that I was there, I found many inspirations…..

I was excited to see this quilt by Barbara Ann McCraw……IMG_6726It was a simple panel but she had used beads and other embellishments to turn it into a special quilt.   If you enlarge the photo, you can see that the baskets are highly beaded.   This is a great idea for a panel and I immediately remembered the African panel that I bought last year that is STILL hanging on my design wall.    NOW I have an idea about how to finish it and turn it into MY project!!   I will add it to the list of things to do!!

This pattern by Melisse Liang was super simple but so effective in how it was put together…..IMG_6735

This owl by Pat Baum-Bishop effectively expressed how I felt……IMG_6739

This “Card Trick” quilt (made by Kayoto Hata) was based on inlaid woodwork designs and was SO effective…..


It was one of my favorite quilts of the entire show!!

If you remember, some time back I wrote about a confetti class that I took that I DID NOT like.  Obviously, I didn’t have the eye that Denise Miller had with her quilts using this technique…..IMG_6764


In this one she used snippets in the background and silk leaves in the foreground.   It was VERY effective……


Going back to my Texas roots, this quilt by Suzan Engler caught my eye…..

IMG_6772Like many of the quilts in the show, the background was digitally manipulated and then heavily quilted.

And of course there has to be at one Sunflower to catch my eye.   This quilt was made by Peg Collins….


This quilt just brought a smile to my face, made by Teresa Marler and Mary Covey…..IMG_6782

Finally, when I first saw this quilt, I thought that it was some amazing curved piecing…..IMG_6793

But in looking at it I realized that it was simple straight line blocks with curved quilting….a good technique to remember!!

Unfortunately that was all for the day but I definitely made up for it on Friday!!!

More to come…….

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